RonJon Sport Design Recomends these following companies when upgrading you honda or Acura vehicle. All of our testing is done with these aftermarket parts and resources. Click on the links below to visit their websites for more information.

Acurazine Online Community
World's largest online Acura enthusiasts community provides a wealth of actual owner's experiences with dealerships, aftermarket parts, problems and solutions as well as forums that are organized by topics making it easy to find the information you need. Free registration and a clean design support the helpful members for a great overall experience.

JnC Headlight / Tailight Conversions.
The headlight and tailight expert, JnC can make the housings on your lights cleared, custom painted or anything else that is possible. Take a look at the info on the link below and give your car the finishing touch, colorless headlight housings that will have the onlookers in awe.
JNC Headlight Conversions Thread with More Information

Excelerate Performance
Excelerate Performance is a retailer of aftermarket performance parts and accessories, wheel and tire packages, US and JDM engines, and aerodynamic parts for imported and domestic vehicles. Excelerate was established in 2002 as a performance parts retail shop and installer, which enabled them to set up connections in the aftermarket industry. This facility offers a large showroom, three service bay, two lifts, and more. Excelerate's experience is unmatched when it comes to Hondas and Acuras.

Proformance Industries
Wheel refinishing and remanfacturing is their specialty. They can offer painting, powdercoating and welding services, as well as parts and accessories for the most basic to the most elaborate highline wheels. "If you can visualize it, we can materialize it."