Promotional Programs & Discounts
Here are a few discounts that are available to most customers. Please call in to inquire about the exact amounts for each discount.
  • Military discount:
    Available to those who are currently or previously enlisted with verification in the form of a signed letter from the individual's commanding officer verifying their current status.

  • PEPP (Photo Exchange Promotional Program):
    This is a refund program where the customer purchases the product, receives the product, installs it and shoots the vehicle with a quality photoshoot and emails the images to us withion 30 days for a partial refund of the cost of the product. This amount varies according to the product exposure on the site. Pictures of products that are not already shown on our site will be rewarded with a slight premium in refund amount.
    The requirements for these images are the following:
    - That the environment must be clean and non-cluttered with other vehicles.
    - The lighting cannot be too harsh, not too dark or too bright., 4-5pm is ideal.
    - The car cannot be partially cropped out of the picture unless it is a close up.
    - At least 5 usable pictures, 10 pics or more is average for us to choose from
    - Multiple angles, positions and lighting situations are prefered, far and close shots as well.
    - Blurry pictures will not be accepted.
    - Pictures with other wheel company products will not be accepted.
    - Images must be received withion 30 days of receiving the products unless otherwise noted.
    - Discount does not apply if we already have very similar or the same setup on our site already.
    - If you see your vehicle / color / product combination HERE, then you qualify for this discount.

  • Multiple Purchase Discount:
    If you are interested in 2 sets of wheels or a set of wheels and a bodykit, or any other 2nd item at the time of purchasing the first item, you qualify for a discount on the second item.

  • Repeat Customer Discount:
    If you have purchased our products previously from us or one of our dealers, and you are interested in purchasing another product, you qulaify for this discount. This does not apply to accessories or single wheels as replacements.