RonJon Sport Design Wheel & Vehicle Accessories
RonJon Sport Design Centercap Seat + Emblem ( 2.25" diameter )
1.) Polished Centercap (ploished background, black logo)
Black Centercap (black background, polished logo)
One centercap emblem with seat $10 each.
    Small Diameter Spline Lug Nuts with Thin Wall Socket Key
    Set of 20 standard chrome lug nuts made specifically for RonJon Sport Design brand wheels.
    12mm x 1.5 conical seat (TL / CL / TSX / Civic / Accord / etc.)
    14mm x 1.5 conical seat (4G TL, RL / MDX / Odyssey / Ridgline / 2G Pilot)
    20 lug nut set (minimum) w/ 1 key: $60.
    Vehicle Luxury Emblem ( 2.5" x 1.15")
    Consisting of 3 ink colors printed on a rectangular piece of embossed aluminum, self adhesive backing, with domed urethane coating. Normally placed on the rear trunk lid or on the interior of the vehicle's dashboard or trunklid.
    $10 each.
    Valve Stems with Choice of Cap Covers
    These Caps are integrated with the Valve stem to conceal the actual rubber part of the valve. Available in either a 2 piece chrome finish, single piece chrome finish or a single piece silver finish. Not compatible with the OEM TPMS Sensors.
    Set of four valve stems with caps $10.