Custom Finishing

With powder coating and liquid painting available, there is virtually no limit to what finish you require for your set of wheels. Turn around time is 5-7 business days unless otherwise noted. Pricing starts at $175 per 18" wheel. Additional costs are calculated depending on the complexity of the finishing and size of the wheel. From single colored wheels to 2 and 3 tone wheels, any combination of colors is possible. Other options include a variety of textures, OEM paint codes, pearl, metallic flake and metal surfaces like brushed, machined and semi-polished. Our custom finishes also carry a 1 year warranty. Some wheels from our stock require refinishing from being damaged in shipping, so the starting price is subject to discounts in some cases. Call in for a deeper explanation of what is available.

Custom Fitment

We offer the option of having some of our "blank spec" inventory custom drilled to fit virtually any special fitment requirements. Vehicles with special modifications like wide body, slammed suspension, big brake kits, even non-Honda and Acura fitment are available. Only the width and diameter cannot be changed. Using our computer guided CNC machine and, we plan, engineer and apply post production to machine the offset, bolt pattern and centerbore to any spec needed. Turn around time is 2-3 business days unless otherwise noted. Pricing starts at $25 per 18" wheel, per spec. This fitment applicatiuon has been a part of our company for over 5 years with a zero defect rate and is 100% guarenteed to work flawlessly. Call in for a deeper explanatiuon of what is available.

Custom Finishes Gallery
- Any questions on your vehicle fitment or an explanation on how the wheel fits, call in or email us and we will be glad to explain.
- Wheels must be purchased before any custom fitment or finishing is rendered. Labor and matrerials are non-refundable.
We are interested in applying discounts like the PEPP discount to those who purchase custom options. More can be read about this program HERE.